Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare


PDS : To ensure distribution of Essential Commodities to a large number of people/targeted beneficiary though a net work of FPS.

Enforcement : To enforce various provisions of Essential Commoties Act-1955 and BPMS Act in order to prevent black marketing of PDS items.

Paddy Procurement : To ensure purchase of paddy from genuine farmers on payment of MSP and to all effective steps to prevent distress of paddy by farmers.

Consumer Welfare : To make awareness campaign through VCOs for awareness of general public about the scale of supply, ratio of supply, distribution days of essential commodities as well as cautions to observe by general public at the time of purchase.


  • The Govt. in Food, Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department is allocating monthly fixed quota of BPL Rice, AAY Rice, Annapurna Rice, BPL Sugar APL Wheat, Kerosine Oil etc. to the district for distribution at a fixed ratio to consumers under BPL, AAY & Annapurna category as well as to consumers of APL category. The allotted essential commodities are being lifted through a network of PDS taking into Storage Agent, P.D. Retailers in case of BPL, AAY, Annapurna Rice, APL Rice, BPL Sugar & APL Wheat. The stock of Kerosine Oil are being distributed through involvement of Kerosine Wholesaler, Kerosine Sub-Wholesaler & Retailers.
  • The entire network of distribution are being monitored through Civil Supplies machinery comprising of Civil Supplies Officer, Asst. Civil Supplies Officer & Inspector of Supplies. The Block Development Officers in respect of Block area and Executive Officers in Urban areas are controlling the distribution of PDS item under supervision of ADM & Sub-Collectors.
  • There are enforcement squads in each Block/ Sub-Division as well as District level organizing checks and raids at different trading points to streamline the distribution system as well to redress grievance of the consumers in case of any complain of irregularities.
  • Since the year 2000 Paddy are being purchased from the genuine farmers in the district. The State agencies like OSCSC Ltd., NAFED, MARKFED, PACS and FCI are purchasing paddy from farmers on payment of MSP. The Rice Millers are also purchasing paddy from farmers under levy scheme. The rice produced through OSCSC Ltd. are being utilized through PDS directly and Rice produced through other agencies including Millers are being delivered to FCI under Central Pool account.
  • The Govt. in Food, Supplies ad Consumer Welfare Department allocating funds under from Odisha consumer welfare fund. The funds are being utilized through VCOs in generating consumer awareness about their rights under the Consumer Protection Act through public meetings, rally, cultural programmes etc.

Last updated on: 26-05-2012