Incumbency Chart of Collector

District Collector of Khordha
Profile Picture Name of Collector From Date To Date
Sanat kumar Mohanty OAS (SAG) Sri Sanat kumar Mohanty OAS (SAG) 04-08-2020 till continue
Sri Sitanshu Kumar Rout OAS (SAG) Sri Sitanshu Kumar Rout OAS (SAG) 24-06-2019 04-08-2010
Sri Bhupendra Singh Poonia Sri Bhupendra Singh Poonia (IAS) 07-05-2019 24-06-2019
Sri Nirmal Chandra Mishra Shri Nirmal Chandra Mishra (IAS) 18-09-2017 06-05-2019
Smt. Roopa Roshan Sahoo (IAS) Smt. Roopa Roshan Sahoo (IAS) 08-05-2017 02-08-2017
Shri Niranjan Sahu IAS Shri Niranjan Sahu IAS 13-06-2014 08-05-2017
Shalini Pandit IAS Shalini Pandit IAS 04-04-2014 13-06-2014
Shri Niranjan Sahu Shri Niranjan Sahu 17-07-2013 04-04-2014
Smt Roopa Mishra IAS Smt Roopa Mishra IAS 10-08-2011 16-07-2013
Shri Hrusikesh Tripathy Shri Hrusikesh Tripathy 03-03-2010 08-08-2011
Shri Narayan Chandra Jena, OAS(SAG) Shri Narayan Chandra Jena, OAS(SAG) 04-10-2006 03-03-2010
Shri Krushna Chandra Mohapatra, IAS Shri Krushna Chandra Mohapatra, IAS 28-07-2003 04-10-2006
Shri Madhusudhan Padhi IAS Shri Madhusudhan Padhi IAS 05-01-2000 25-07-2003
Smt Aparajita Sarangi, IAS Smt Aparajita Sarangi, IAS 30-05-1999 01-01-2000
Shri Sarbeshwar Mohanty, IAS Shri Sarbeshwar Mohanty, IAS 07-04-1995 30-05-1999
Shri Raghunath Patra, IAS Shri Raghunath Patra, IAS 01-09-1993 07-04-1995
Shri Raghunath Mishra, IAS Shri Raghunath Mishra, IAS 05-04-1993 31-08-1993