The Judgeship of Khurda was created on 26th August,1980. Hon’ble Shri Justice S.K.Ray , the Chief Justice, Hon’ble Orissa High Court, Cuttack had inaugurated the Judgeship in presence of Guest of Honour Shri J.B.Pattnaik, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa. The following Courts have been established in the Headquarter at Bhubaneswar in the Judgeship of Khurda.

  • District & Sessions Judge Court
  • Spl. Judge (Spl. Court) under Odisha Special Courts Act, 2006.
  • Spl. Judge(CBI).Court (4 nos.)
  • Authorised Officer, Spl. Court.
  • Judge, Family Court.
  • Spl. Judge (Vig.).-cum- 1st Addl. District & Sessions Judge.
  • Addl. Spl. Judge(Vig.) -cum- Addl. District & Sessions Judge. (2 nos.)
  • Addl. District Judge.
  • C.J.M. -cum- Asst. Sessions Judge – who holds Courts for three days in a week at Khurda and also holds Circuit Court at Banpur for two days.
  • Addl. C.J.M. Court
  • Registrar, Civil Courts -cum -Asst. Sessions Judge.-( Fast Track Court for offences against women triable.)
  • Civil Judge Sr. Division Court
  • Addl. Civil Judge Sr. Divn. Court (2 nos.)
  • Judge, Permanent & Continuous Lok Adalat, BBSR. (Secy. District Legal Services Authority.)
  • Civil Judge Jr. Divn. Court
  • S.D.J.M. Court
  • J.M.F.C.(O) Court
  • J.M.F.C. Court (3 nos.)


  • Judge, Family Court.
  • Addl. District & Sessions Judge – also holds Circuit Court at Banpur.
  • 2nd Addl. District Judge.
  • C.J.M.-cum- Asst. Sessions Judge.
  • Civil Judge Sr. Division Court
  • P.M.J.J.B. Court
  • S.D.J.M. Court
  • Civil Judge (J.D.) -cum- J.M.F.C.Court
  • Special Judicial Magistrate. Court
  • J.M.F.C. Court


  • Civil Judge Sr. Division-cum-Asst.Sessions Judge Court
  • Civil Judge(J.D.) -cum- JMFC. Court


  • Special Railway Magistrate Court


  • Gramya Nayalaya.

The District & Sessions Judge heads the District Judiciary on administrative side while functioning on Judicial side on civil as Appellate and Revisional Court within the pecuniary jurisdiction prescribed under law.